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Team A_Connection

This is a connection I found online. This system would allow for the same piece to be used for every connection. The straight ribs would need to be routed so the connection would be invisible and flush. The connectors from this company are ment for construction and can be used for heavy loads. Also there is an optional clip that makes it possible to have loads in all directions.

Team A_Form

To create this lattice structure we continued with the grasshopper file I used before. By using the sliders we quickly and easily came up with the most efficient number of ribs in both the u and v direction (156 intersections). The main ribs are in the continuous curve shape. We propose that these be cut out of plywood sheets. The blocking in between would be straight segments, probably 2x4's. Each one of these would have to be costume cut to the correct compound angle to fit correctly (this was part of the problem with our physical model).

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More on Ex 3

In this try i thought i would attempt to make the tubes overlap instead of coming together. To do this i offset another surface, then altered the script to run the grid in the u dircection of one surface and the v direction for the other surface.

Ex 3

This is the same defintion but now altered to only do one surface. The nice part about using this script is that i could continually change the grid spacing to get the proportions I liked. Then I did not have to manually pipe each one of the lines, this saved a lot of time.

Space Frame

I found this defintion for Grasshopper while looking for connection details. I then added the pipe command to get the finished product. This became useful for me as a starting point to change the definiton for my own purposes.